India as a conservative nation considers divorce as dishonor to the families and to women in particular. It has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world i.e. less than 1% because the emotional, physical and mental abuse women face in marriages were never reported. The society wants women to adjust, compromise and be flexible even if they are suffering. Abhimanika Yadav was the most beautiful girl in her college with lot of aspirations and dreams. In a country where marriage is thought to be a women’s ultimate goal, like any other girl she got married soon after graduation and had a child. But the relationship did not last long and she took that bold step to move out of a toxic marriage for which she was cursed by the society saying that she was selfish and home wrecker. People around her started making presumptions and called her names, which was really disappointing for a single mother.


Unable to bear the wrath of the society she even went into post-maternity depression. The only encouragement that she got was from her little son Tavish after which she decided to change herself. She added health and fitness to her beauty and underwent a rigorous body transformation from fat-to-fit and become a model. She then went on to win several beauty pageants like “Mrs. India” and “Mrs. Asia Pacific Universe” in 2016 and “Mrs. Universe Intelligence” at South Africa in 2017 giving a tough competition to all the accomplished and beautiful women from 80 different countries. She is presently a certified Fitness Professional, Super Model, Actress and an Entrepreneur for a Zumba Dance School. She is also playing one of the female leads in a Telugu feature film ‘Premkahani’ and her fitness show Get-Set-Fit airs on E-Tv Life a channel of E-Tv network.

Abhimanika Yadav