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Read the cover story of Abhimanika Yadav | Who after divorce didn’t give up on herself and went on to win several beauty pageants and became a women entrepreneur in her career

Reaching the successful ones and their  capturing real-life experiences

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Delivering their wisdom with the direct connection  and engagement to the youth

About us

What is Ganbatte ?

Ganbatte Kudasai (がんばって ください) in Japanese means please do / try your best (or) good luck. Ganbatte India is co-founded by Mrs. Nafeesa Parveen as a social enterprise started exclusively to inspire the youth of today by sharing the successful stories for real motivation

Why Ganbatte India ?

Our impact

How are we creating an impact?


Empowering the Youth

Ganbatte India is empowering young individuals by showcasing stories of success and achievement. By highlighting the journeys of accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds, Ganbatte India motivates and encourages the youth to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges.


Building Resilience

The stories shared by Ganbatte India often highlight the struggles and setbacks faced by successful individuals on their path to success. By showcasing how these individuals persevered and bounced back from failures, Ganbatte India instills resilience in the youth, teaching them that setbacks are temporary and can be overcome with determination and hard work.


Broadening Perspectives

Ganbatte India brings stories from various fields and industries, showcasing a wide range of successful individuals. By sharing stories from diverse backgrounds, Ganbatte India broadens the perspectives of young people, enabling them to see that success can be achieved in different ways and in various fields.

Fostering Ambition

The stories shared by Ganbatte India often involve individuals who have achieved extraordinary success. By exposing the youth to such exceptional achievements, Ganbatte India fosters ambition and encourages young individuals to dream big and aim for greatness.

Providing Role Models

Ganbatte India offers relatable role models for the youth to look up to. By sharing stories of successful individuals who have faced similar challenges and obstacles, Ganbatte India provides young people with role models they can connect with and aspire to emulate.

Creating a Supportive Community

Through their platform, Ganbatte India creates a supportive community for young individuals. By sharing inspiring stories and fostering discussions around them, Ganbatte India encourages the youth to support and uplift one another, creating a positive and motivating environment for personal growth and development.

Young Entreprenuers




Our Speakers

Who are our speakers ?

Our speakers at Ganbatte India encompass a diverse range of individuals who are young entrepreneurs, creators, high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), and academicians. They bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and unique perspectives to inspire the youth.
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